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We are currently looking for one student to join the lab during 2021. Students are free to join or develop a number of project on the genetics of adaptation and speciation. We are interested in students with strong quantitative and communication skills, as well as some molecular biology experience. Please send me an e-mail if you are interested in joining the Ortiz-Barrientos Lab. Below you will find specific information about sources of funding, with for Australian citizens and permanent residents and international students. Please visit our research page and read our recent publications.

Funding Opportunities

We are part of the School of Biological Sciences at The University of Queensland, St Lucia campus, in Brisbane. You can take a virtual tour of the campus here. We conduct our research in our laboratory in the Goddard Building, in the glasshouses at UQ, and in various field sites along the coast of Australia. Our Laboratory is fully equiped for molecular, genomic, ecological, and bioinformatic work. 

Please send us a statement of purpose and your CV if you would like to be considered for a PhD position in the Ortiz-Barrientos Lab. The University of Queensland offers competitive scholarships for both Australian citizens and permanent residents and international applicants. Students in the Ortiz-Barrientos lab pursue research on fundamental problems in evolutionary biology. Students are welcome to develop projects within a variety of research programs in the lab. Work usually consists of a combination of field and molecular work, and most students are expected to learn a computer language and develop strong statistical skills during their time in the lab. Please visit the pages of our students to learn more about their current projects.

The Ortiz-Barrientos lab is funded by The Australian Research Council (ARC) and The University of Queensland. We welcome applications for Postdoctoral fellowships through competitive ARC and UQ fellowships, and welcome statements of interest from domestic and international PhD students. Please visit our pages and learn about us and our research!

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